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Run detailed Know Your Customer background checks on any customer to verify their identity before completing a transaction quickly and easily with Biz4x.

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Access the World's Most Comprehensive Compliance Database

Biz4x's database has more than 2.7 million results and includes all anti-money laundering (AML), countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) and Politically-Exposed Persons (PEP) sanctions lists.

The results include sanctions, watch and regulatory listings from more than 240 countries in 60 languages from 100,000 sources in every category of crime.

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Get Exact Match Search Results

Conduct exact match searches by searching for a customer's name, date of birth and passport number to ensure that they are not on any watch, sanctions or regulatory listings before completing a transaction. See how close partial matches are with given percentage scores when you conduct a fuzzy search to manage and access your own business risk.

Track Historical Searches

Refer to past customer historical searches across AML, CFT, and PEP sanctions lists and results for up to one year, Quickly and easily generate reports, save to system, export to xls or print them for convenient reference. Provide proof of compliance as required by authorities to safeguard your business.

Set Know Your Customer Search Rules

Remind employees to conduct Know Your Customer Checks by setting a transaction amount that will make it necessary for customer identity verification before transactions can proceed. Ensure that employees are acting in accordance with local compliance regulations and customer identification information is collected in event of an audit, even without admin supervision.

Money Changers Love Biz4x For These Reasons

High Security

High Security

Military grade AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, and automated data back-up ensure that your data is always safe and well-secured.

Easy Access

Easy Access

Automated data synchronization ensures that you can log in and easily access your data across multiple devices and screens, wherever you are.

Live Support

Live Support

Friendly customer support personnel are always at your service to help you troubleshoot any problems or answer any questions you might have through phone, email or live chat.



Rapid implementation of customer feedback so the Biz4x solution is custom-built and constantly evolving to meet the individual future business needs of money changers everywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using Biz4x compliance ?

Money changers who risk running afoul of compliance laws, can have their license suspended and lose their livelihood, even if they were not intentionally assisting money laundering or terrorist financing activities. Recently, a money changer in Singapore found himself in legal trouble over the lack of proper checks over the 1MDB scandal.

Through Biz4x, you can prove that proper identity and compliance checks were carried out as the search history is saved for up to one year and reports can be generated and submitted to the authorities in the event of any scandal to clear your business name.

How often is the compliance database in Biz4x updated?
Biz4x's compliance database is updated daily at 5am (UTC) so you always run real-time checks and get the most updated results.
How many results are available in Biz4x's compliance database?
Our database of global sanctions and politically exposed persons is updated daily and has more than 2.8 million results including major sources such as the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List, Central Intelligence Agency, European Union and United Nations. We have more than 872,000 results from sanction lists, more than 1.3 million results in the warning category, more than 520,000 results in the Politically Exposed Persons category and another 93,000 results in other criminal categories.
What is the difference between exact match and fuzzy search?
Exact match and fuzzy search are the two different types of searches you can run on an individual to verify the identify of the customers. Exact match allows you to run searches that will give you results that are a 100% match so you can be sure if your customer is on any sanctions list. Fuzzy search broadens up the search parameters so if a customer matches certain criteria, for example same name but different nationality, the partial match results will show up. For these partial matches, Biz4x will provide a percentage to show you how closely a customer search matches someone on a sanctions list so you can do your own risk assessment and decide whether or not to proceed with, or report the transaction.

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