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Aside from helping you to oversee your money changer business, Biz4x allows you to manage your business listing on the world's leading directory of money changers known as Get4x.

Get4x is a platform that was created for travellers to find the nearest and best money changers around them, and serves as a unique opportunity for money changers to get more customers and create an additional revenue stream without relying on walk-in traffic.

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Promote Your Business

Manage your business profile on the leading directory of money changers in travel hubs around the world. Biz4x allows you to have full control of what customers see about your business on the Get4x site. Edit key business information like address and opening hours, or upload images of your storefront to increase the visibility and information available about your outlet within the directory, so potential customers can easily locate your business.

Gain New Customers

Through Biz4x, you can accept currency bookings from customers who have found your business through the Get4x directory. Respond to questions and queries from customers and negotiate a price with them through chat features. You can update your cash exchange rates on Biz4x, setting an optimum sell price to attract the most number of customers and gain an edge over your competitors.

Increase Your Revenue

Showcase additional products and services offered by your money changer outlet within your business listing on the Get4x site. Upsell or cross-sell products that travellers might be interested in, such as mobile top-up cards so that potential customers seeking to buy such products can easily locate and identify your business as the one that conveniently meets all their needs.

Money Changers Love Biz4x For These Reasons

High Security

High Security

Military grade AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption, and automated data back-up ensure that your data is always safe and well-secured.

Easy Access

Easy Access

Automated data synchronization ensures that you can log in and easily access your data across multiple devices and screens, wherever you are.

Live Support

Live Support

Friendly customer support personnel are always at your service to help you troubleshoot any problems or answer any questions you might have through phone, email or live chat.



Rapid implementation of customer feedback so the Biz4x solution is custom-built and constantly evolving to meet the individual future business needs of money changers everywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my business on the Get4x platform?
Once you have signed up for Biz4x, you will be able to list and edit your business details, as well as set your own exchange rates on Get4x so that travellers will be able to locate your business through the city maps and the money changer directory.
What benefit do I get for having my business and rates listed in Get4x?
Get4x allows you to have an edge over other competitors by providing you with access to an online pool of customers aside from your regular walk-in foot traffic. By listing your business and exchange rates on Get4x, it will be easy for new customers to discover your outlet, contact you and directly make a booking for currencies with you. Get4x is an additional channel for you to promote your money changer business as well as any other related products and services that you might offer such as the sale of mobile cards and snacks.
How frequently are the exchange rates updated on Get4x?
You can manually set your own exchange rates on the Get4x platform as often as you like, or choose to automate pricing based on a margin that you have specified.
How much will I be charged for accepting a currency booking request through Get4x?
We do not charge money changers for accepting any currency booking requests through Get4x.

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