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Can I permanently delete a record in the database ?

Yes. Biz4x logs all transactions and changes made by account users to facilitate the submission of documents in the event of an audit. However, users who are granted admin rights can permanently delete any record on their accounts for example, if a transaction has not actually taken place. Deleted records cannot be restored and are permanently removed from all back-ups.

Can I print a receipt without registering a transaction?

Yes. If a receipt needs to be printed for any reason, such as in the event where the customer loses a copy of the receipt or requests for an additional copy of the receipt, Biz4x allows you to print receipts without registering the transaction.

Is it possible for me to keep a copy of my data on my PC with Biz4x?

Yes. Users can opt to download a copy of their database with all user account information at regular intervals whether it is hourly, daily or weekly in standard file formats. Your data will always belong to to you and is easily portable, so you are not locked into staying with Biz4x with your data being held hostage.

Would it be possible to create an individual stock entry for each outlet so that we can keep track of our currency stock per outlet?

Yes, our multi-outlet management feature allows you to set and customize your rates, bookings, customers, transactions, stock for an individual outlet or a group of outlets.

Can the Biz4x POS system print receipts with customer information?

Yes, you can already print receipts through Biz4x Business Management. We are improving this feature to include more detailed customer information to help your business save costs on printing and become more eco-friendly!

Can Biz4x create an end of the day transaction report so that we do not have to create it manually?

Yes, we are in the process of improving our reporting feature that will allow you to generate reports that are a combination of various criteria:

  • - Period of time (daily, weekly, last 30 days, annually)
  • - Currency (eg. USD only, USD & HKD)
  • - Outlet(s)
  • - Customer group(s) (Walk-in only, Walk-in & Corporate...)
  • - Payment method (Cash, Debit/credit card, Travel cheque)
  • - Transaction type (BUY only, BUY & SELL)
  • - Transaction amount range (All transactions > 1,000 Units)

The beauty of being a SaaS platform is the ability to continually improve and add your feedback into our product development process, so you can always stay ahead of the latest in technology and regulatory requirements.