Support & Help Centre - Compliance

What should I do if there are many similar names that come up in my search?

We advise searching by date of birth and passport number if available, as passport numbers are unique to the individual. This will ensure an exact match if a potential customer is on a watch, sanction or PEP list. You can also view the percentage match scores to see how closely it matches someone on a watch, sanction or PEP list so you can conduct your own risk assessment.

What is the difference between exact match and fuzzy search?

Exact match and fuzzy search are the two different types of searches you can run on an individual to verify the identify of the customers. Exact match allows you to run searches that will give you results that are a 100% match so you can be sure if your customer is on any sanctions list. Fuzzy search broadens up the search parameters so if a customer matches certain criteria, for example same name but different nationality, the partial match results will show up. For these partial matches, Biz4x will provide a percentage to show you how closely a customer search matches someone on a sanctions list so you can do your own risk assessment and decide whether or not to proceed with, or report the transaction.

Can I download data from my searches?

Yes, you can create reports that can be downloaded for record-keeping, or set your own frequency whether it is weekly, monthly or yearly when it comes to generating reports automatically.