Support & Help Centre - Customer Acquisition

What are Your Rates?

Your Rates refer to your We Buy / We Sell cash exchange rates that you can display on Get4x for customers to refer to. Customers who are satisfied with the rates you are offering can then make a booking request with your money changer store. Upon receipt of the booking request, you can choose whether to confirm or reject the booking request. Once you have confirmed the booking request, you must hold the amount of currency that the customer has ordered in stock, so they can pick it up within the agreed upon duration.

Do you have an feature that allows money changers and customers to contact each other directly to discuss negotiate exchange rates?

Yes, at the moment, we have an option allowing customers to call money changers directly to discuss and negotiate exchange rates. In the near future, we intend to introduce a chat feature to facilitate the ease of communication.

Are any cancellation charges applicable when I cancel a customer booking?

No cancellation charges are applicable at the moment, however we highly encourage you not to cancel on customers without a valid reason as this might have an effect on your business reputation and reduce the number of customers that are willing to book with you in the future.

What should I do if a customer does not show up after I have confirmed a booking?

In the event that a customer does not show up after they have made and confirmed a booking with your business, please write in to us at and will send the customer a warning if they cancel bookings repeatedly.

Once a customer sends a booking request, what amount of time does the money changer have to respond?

Once a customer has sent a request for currency booking, you would have to respond within 10 minutes to accept the currency booking.

What is the time duration recommended between a customer booking and order collection?

Customers will have to agree to pick up their orders within two hours of a confirmed booking. In the event of repeated failure to show up, customers will be sent a warning, and may even be suspended from using the service if they fail to heed the warning. Biz4x strives to always maintain a certain standard of service and trust between the traveller and money changer communities with a seamless booking experience for both parties.

We do not allow bookings, or want to display our Buy and Sell rates publicly, is it possible to turn this feature off?

Yes, if you do not want to share your rates on the Get4x platform and would like the rates to serve only as an internal reference for your employees to conduct transactions, you can disable "Show on Get4x" on the dedicated "Your Rates" screen. Most of our money changer partners are interested in sharing their rates, as it helps them to get more customers and generate more business.

Our Board Rate feature will also allow you to set your rates and display them on your LCD screen(s) for your outlet(s). Set one standardized rate for all your currency exchange outlets, or different rates for each individual outlet, according to your business needs.