Support & Help Centre - General Questions

Why should I switch from my current software to Biz4x?

Biz4x is a SaaS solution which means that you do not have to install it on your own devices. All you have to do, is log in to our cloud solution to use the various features offered by Biz4x. As such, Biz4x is far cheaper than other installable software that offer FX rates because there are no hidden costs that arise from installation errors and other overheads. As your business grows, the cost of maintaining and upgrading the systems in multiple branches will too. With Biz4x, we are able to keep the cost of our solution low because any upgrades to the solution will be done on our end without expensive maintenance being paid by you. This means that you can rapidly grow your business without paying for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and even hardware.

If I purchase Biz4x, do I have to continuously upgrade my software to the latest version?

No, you won't have to keep upgrading your software after purchasing Biz4x. Since Biz4x is a SaaS solution, it means that it is hosted in the cloud, and any product upgrades are done on our end causing no inconvenience to the user. All you have to do with each software upgrade is to log in and we will guide you through new features with a virtual tour. It is that simple.

Can Biz4x support multiple languages?

Biz4x is currently only available in English, however we are planning to release Biz4x in multiple languages in the near future.

I am a money changer in Singapore. Can I apply for the Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC) grant?

Money changers in Singapore may be able to offset some of the cost of Biz4x with subsidies if they apply for a grant under the PIC scheme. There are certain criteria that have to be observed (eg. having three local employees), and money changers can read up more about the various requirements online. Detailed step-by-step guides on applying for the grant are available for reference from the IRAS site as well. As a disclaimer, Biz4x does not in any way guarantee the successful application and claim for this grant, nor are we affiliated with the administration of the PIC grant in any way or form.

What benefits can I get if I refer a licensed money changer in my network to Biz4x?

Biz4x has an attractive referral scheme for money changers where anyone who refers a licensed money changer to us can get up to three months of Biz4x Premium for free if the referee account is approved. Conditions for a successful referral include licensed money changers, who have not previously signed up to Biz4x and have now activated their Biz4x account. Referred money changers who upgrade to a paid Biz4x plan will get three months free subscription to Biz4x, as will the account that referred them. Know someone who could use Biz4x? Drop us an email at

Can Biz4x be used on a virtual private network between our corporate offices and our currency exchange outlets in other parts of the world?

Biz4x is a SaaS solution, and all data is kept on our servers. All connections into Biz4x are encrypted (https), so only the recipient, which would be the outlet, can view this data.

If I use Biz4x, will my files be stored in the cloud?

Yes, and this provides a number of advantages:

  • - Reliability: Data is always backed-up in the event of an outage
  • - Accessibility: Access to files is restricted to our servers and only available through the Biz4x application
  • - Scalability: The Biz4x solution has the flexibility to scale together with your business as it grows.
  • - Convenience: Data is accessible via various platforms be it on the web or on the mobile.
Can I customize permissions and restrict access for some of my employees?

On the Account Management screen, you can add new users to your outlet(s) and set different permission roles depending on the actions you want to allow them (read only or read and edit). You can provide different permission levels by customizing your settings.