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A Better Way of Buying and Selling Currencies

A Better Way of Buying and Selling Currencies

Seize the day, or moment, with the new Biz4x Marketplace. Biz4x Marketplace is an online wholesale trading platform for you to connect with other money services businesses or wholesalers, to buy and sell currencies.

The Biz4x marketplace aims to to eliminate inefficiencies in the current system where there is a heavy reliance on trading with a few players in a limited personal network through the phone or chat groups. By providing you with more information, opportunities and trading partners, you are empowered to make trading decisions that better optimize your stock of currencies to drive greater profits.

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State Your Specifications in a Request for Quote (RFQ)

State Your Specifications in a Request for Quote (RFQ)

Determine the currency type, amount, denomination, condition, as well as payment and delivery terms before posting an RFQ.

Receive and Respond to RFQs in Real-Time

Receive and Respond to RFQs in Real-Time

Seal a deal within minutes. View all active RFQs in a streamlined dashboard that you can respond to instantly.

Create Custom Trade Groups

Create Custom Trade Groups

Include partners or exclude competitors from the trades you wish to make, by setting up different groups of money services businesses.

Opt For Local or International Trade

Opt For Local or International Trade

Keep your business local by choosing to trade only with businesses in the same country or go international by trading beyond your business borders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of using the Biz4x Marketplace compared to my usual contacts and networks on phone or chat?

While it is impossible to have perfect information when it comes to the buying and selling of currencies in real life, the Biz4x Marketplace is designed to eliminate inefficiencies in the market by providing access to a larger network of money services businesses. This will enable you to optimise your stock of currencies and profits by connecting you with more businesses and market makers, so you can trade more efficiently with more contacts and options at your fingertips.

Does the Biz4x Marketplace allow me to know who I am trading with?
Your identity, as well as the identity of the businesses that respond to your quote will remain anonymous until both parties have confirmed and agreed on a trade.
How much does Biz4x Marketplace cost?
To celebrate its launch, the Biz4x Marketplace is available for free with your Biz4x Premium subscription.
How do I start trading on the Biz4x Marketplace?
A prerequisite for trading on the online marketplace is to have a valid Biz4x Premium account. Send a request to your account manager. Upon approval, the marketplace will be enabled for trading and you can post a request for quotation or respond to one.
What is a request for quotation (RFQ)?
An RFQ is basically a listing on the Biz4x Marketplace that outlines your trading requirements. It would include the type of currencies you would like to buy or sell, the condition of the notes, the groups you would like to trade with, the denomination, payment and settlement terms of the trade.
Does any payment for trades take place directly through the Biz4x Marketplace?
No online payment takes place through the Biz4x Marketplace. Payment arrangements are specified in each RFQ.
How can I be sure that the businesses I trade with on the marketplace will hold up their end of the deal?
All businesses that are trading on the Biz4x marketplace will have to be licensed money services business who undertake to complete each confirmed deal to the best of their abilities. Money services businesses who cancel on trades without a valid reason will be blacklisted and barred from using the Biz4x Marketplace.

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