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Business Management

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What is Biz4x?

Biz4x is the only solution you need to effectively manage your money changer business.

Better Business Visibility

Gain deep insights about your business and automate processes to save time and money.

Safeguard Your Livelihood

Conveniently report any suspicious transactions that are flagged through our compliance checks.

Grow Your Business

Get featured among our money changer community and gain access to new customers through our network of travellers.

Get Real-Time FX Rates Instantly

Gain access to real-time FX rates so you'll always have the latest market data and charts to make key business decisions for maximising profit.

  • Track real-time rates and charts on all global currency pairs
  • Automate precise price setting of up to six decimal places to to maintain a consistent profit margin
  • View historical and predictive market data
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Get Real-Time FX Rates Instantly

Run Background Checks on Customers Instantly

Verify that potential customers are not on any sanction or PEP lists with our risk and compliance software before completing high value transactions.

  • Search through one of the world's most comprehensive databases with more than 2.7 million results
  • Run exact match searches filtering results by date of birth and passport number
  • Refer to records on historical searches dating back to one year
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Run Background Checks on Customers Instantly

Manage Customer Transactions and Stock of Currencies Easily

Biz4x is a business management software for money changers that provides them with greater visibility into their businesses to simplify operations.

  • Create daily or monthly reports and track history of all stock currencies
  • Automate calculation of money changer spread based on mid-market rate
  • Set different user permissions according to assigned roles and manage multiple outlets from a single location
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Manage Customer Transactions and Stock of Currencies Easily

Access New Customers and Accept Pre-Orders for Currency Conveniently

Offer customers your best cash exchange rates and actively accept currency bookings through Biz4x so you always have a steady stream of customers and revenue to grow your operations.

  • List cash exchange rates and business locations on a global search database
  • Accept currency pre-orders from all over the world for guaranteed future revenue
  • Cross-sell products and services to customers who have pre-ordered currrency
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Access New Customers and Accept Pre-Orders for Currency Conveniently

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