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Access Prevailing Exchange Rates For The World's Major Currency Pairs

With Biz4x, you always have the most accurate and updated financial market data at your fingertips. Monitor the most volatile currency pairs with a reliable source of global data from leading market data providers to back your business decisions.

Market Data is specially designed for:
Low Latency Data
Biz4x provides real-time interbank exchange rates for global major currency pairs - most free sources of "live" rates lag by several minutes.
Maximise Profits
Negotiate with wholesalers, peers or customers through informed pricing decisions based on the mid-market price to optimise your revenue.
Cross-Platform Access
Make key business decisions that are critical to your growth and profits whenever and wherever you are with the best forex software app.


Access Accurate Real-time Market Data

View real time Bid, Ask and Mid-market rates for major currency pairs with an accuracy of up to 6 decimal places for greater precision. Refer to Open, High and Low prices, as well as the percentage change in the value of different currencies on a day to day basis.


Conveniently Compare Global Mid-Market Price

Choose to view 100 currency pairs on a single screen, or conveniently compare and contrast major currency pairs across two, or even three global market data tables. Set up and rearrange major currency pairs by dragging and dropping them in the order of your preference.

Analyse Market Trends with Historical Foreign Exchange Rates

Refer to detailed historical currency exchange rates with charts of market data dating back to five years for each major currency pair. Forecast mid market prices with predictive business decisions based on past financial market data.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Open price?

An Open price is the value of a currency at the time the markets open.
What is a High price?

A High price is the highest market value of a currency during a single day.
What is a Low price?

A Low price is the lowest market value of a currency during a single day.
What is the global market data source for interbank rates in Biz4x?

Real-time market data is aggregated from multiple leading market data providers in UK, US and Hong Kong.
How reliable are the interbank rates on Biz4x and how frequently are the mid-market prices updated?

The major currency pairs on Biz4x are provided by global leading market data providers and are based on real-time interbank rates.
Which browsers can I use to log in to view the interbank exchange rates on Biz4x?

Real-time market data on major currency pairs provided by Biz4x is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.
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