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Manage All Currency Exchange Operations with a Full-Service Bureau de Change Software

Gain greater control and better insights into your daily operations, even across multiple outlets, with one centralised platform. Conveniently manage currencies, customers, foreign currency transactions and users across multiple retail branches from a single dashboard and scale on demand.

Biz4x is a fully audited system with automated processes to digitalise manual operations. The platform is automatically updated on a monthly basis with new features and data is automatically and continuously backed up on a daily basis on a SaaS infrastructure with high reliability.

Business Management is specially designed for:
Streamline Operations
Streamline and simplify complex business processes for greater operational efficiency and better business insights.
Manage Risk
Identify suspicious transactions and stay compliant with local laws through a regulatory reporting hub in an increasingly stringent regulatory landscape.
Business Relevance
Stay ahead of the innovation curve, with a system that continually adapts to provide new technologies and opportunities for changing times.


Automate the Management and Update of Your Currencies

Curate a list of currencies your business trades in. Select the precision, unit and direction for the presentation of your Buy and Sell rates. An automated process validates rates based on preset profit margins and updates them accordingly. Each individual branch outlet can be associated with its individual set of currencies and data.

Manage Your Local & Foreign Currency Stock

Record the amount, denominations and foreign currency stock for multiple currency exchange branch outlets. List the cost of foreign currency stock and track the history of changes.

Record Foreign Currency Transactions

Record all currencies bought and sold, view both profit and loss in real time, and print standardised or customised receipts for local or foreign currency transactions.

Automate Customer Screening & Risk Classification

Create a custom compliance risk assessment policy for your business so that enhanced due diligence is automatically triggered based on a set of criteria. Customers are classified into low, medium and high risk groups based on their risk factors.

Onboard Customers with Ease

Create a customer record that each foreign currency transaction can be linked to. Input customer identification details, attach documents and add notes for each record. Segment customers into different groups.

Generate Management Reports

Generate currency transaction reports, foreign currency stock reports, as well as profit and loss reports for various currency exchange outlets. Easily export a unique set of data for each branch outlet.

Generate Regulatory Reports

Access regulatory reporting tools for regulatory risk reporting and regulatory transaction reporting. Generate regulatory reports for submission to local authorities as mandated by compliance laws.

Currently, our regulatory reporting software supports jurisdictional reporting for Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Configure User Permissions & Roles

Rapidly onboard employees through account management settings that will allow you to create custom roles or assign default roles to your employees. Whether they are Owners, Managers, Compliance Officers or Tellers, they will only be provided with the read and write permissions that are required for their responsibilities.

Create Unique Rateboards

Create customised rate board display templates and display different Buy and Sell rates for each outlet so travellers can quickly and easily refer to your board rates, whether through a physical or digital rate board online.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of a cloud solution for a point-of-sale (pos) currency exchange software?

As Biz4x is a SaaS-based currency exchange platform, frequent updates can be rolled out to all users, so the system is frequently upgraded without the need for costly installation and maintenance.
How safe is my data in the cloud?

All data on Biz4x is continuously backed up and stored redundantly in different data centers. All connections into Biz4x are encrypted. Access to data is logged and access to servers is limited to whitelisted locations. PCI DSS and OWASP best practices are applied.
Can I import my data?

Yes, our technical team can work with you on importing data from your current business management system into Biz4x.
Can I export my data from Biz4x?

Yes. Users can opt to export their data should they decide not to continue their Biz4x subscription.
The regulatory report that I need to submit to the local authorities in my country is not available in Biz4x. What do you propose?

We are gradually adding more support for regulatory risk reporting in different countries to our system based on customer demand. If you would like to request support for your local regulatory reporting, do provide us with a template at and we may just be able to get that on our product roadmap!
Can I request for a business management feature that is not listed here?

Yes, contact our team for a discussion at . We update Biz4x monthly, and are constantly adding improvements to the system.
Biz4x is used by businesses in more than 30 different countries across a number of industries

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