A full-service business management solution for money services businesses. A data provider for professional services and fintechs. A technology solution for financial institutions.

Our Mission

Biz4x aims to ensure the future viability and relevance of businesses that are struggling to deal with tomorrow's challenges - such as a world that is trending towards an increasingly stringent compliance landscape, and one that is increasingly relying on cashless modes of payment such as digital wallets.
The solution is easy to use, cost-effective and scalable, so businesses of all sizes can access a comprehensive suite of services be it business management, digital storefronts, wholesale trading, compliance or market data. Biz4x has enabled digital financial inclusion for many of these businesses, helped them to adhere to the increasingly stringent compliance in their countries, and access new innovations that will help them remain relevant, at a third of the cost of traditional solutions.
For money services businesses in particular, we aim to provide access to the type of opportunities and technological innovation that have traditionally only been possible for larger enterprises by helping to digitalize their operations. Thousands of money services businesses are single outlet, traditional, family-run operations that may not even have electronic systems in place. Biz4x levels the playing field for these smaller money services businesses, many in emerging countries, to compete globally and access new services and innovations that are required to ensure their future sustainability.

Our Team

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We are an international team of highly driven, motivated and entrepreneurial professionals, with innovation and a commitment to excellence built into our company DNA. Our company, Biz4x is headquartered in Singapore, with a development hub in Vietnam, and a network of sales representatives across the region.

Our Timeline


Get4x - Our Beginnings

Biz4x has its origins in an online directory known as Get4x that allows money services businesses to post their Buy and Sell retail rates online so travellers can easily find the best rates in Singapore.
In 2012, this was a novel concept and Get4x was the first such platform of its kind in the region - the service was subsequently launched in other cities around the world. Today, the online directory continues to exist as a part of Biz4x services and has attracted 200,000 user registrations.

Biz4x - Our Product

Over the years of onboarding money services businesses on Get4x, we realised that there was a market gap in the industry that no current solution could fill. We began developing separate cloud platforms for providing real-time market and compliance data, as well as a point-of-sale system.
Eventually, in 2016, the decision was taken to launch an integrated full-service solution for money services businesses, so customers could access all services and manage their entire business operations through a single convenient log-in on a consolidated dashboard.
This would facilitate customer onboarding and the roll-out of new innovations, such as a banknotes trading platform in 2018, to the entire community through frequent platform upgrades.
Today, this business management platform is known as Biz4x.

Our Customers

Currently, businesses from more than 30 different countries trust Biz4x as their platform of choice to run their daily operations, and our global footprint is steadily growing. Our customers are scattered across Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.
Our compliance and market data solutions have seen success in other sectors - aside from money changers and remittance providers, our customer base has grown to include auditors, accountants, corporate secretaries, lawyers, financial technology companies and large financial institutions.
Biz4x is used by businesses in more than 30 different countries across a number of industries

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