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No matter how you choose to work, Biz4x can support your working style

Biz4x can be accessed online from a desktop, mobile, and even through APIs. No matter how you choose to work, Biz4x can support your working style across platforms in multiple formats.

Biz4x Online

Biz4x's full suite of services are available online on cloud infrastructure and can be accessed via desktops or laptops. Manage all aspects of your business with ease and convenience be it Business Management, Compliance, Market Data, Wholesale Trading or Digital Storefronts.

Biz4x Mobile

Biz4x Mobile is a powerful companion app that allows you to access and manage core business features, even while you are on the go, from the convenience of your phone. Run your business from your phone - monitor real-time financial market data feeds for global currency pairs, manage your buy and sell rates and accept online bookings with a few quick taps.

Biz4x On-Premise

Biz4x On-Premise allows software deployment on local servers for large financial institutions to maintain full control of systems and data to adhere to regulatory or security protocols. Rely on our business and tech expertise to upgrade legacy systems and develop custom solutions for your business.

Biz4x APIs

Power your custom solutions with Biz4x's business intelligence. Our developer-friendly API feeds for financial market data or compliance data can be integrated into in-house software so you can continue to leverage Biz4x's world-class data with a platform upgrade.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will you add more features to the Biz4x mobile app?

Definitely. We are constantly working on bringing more of Biz4x features to the mobile app to empower you to do more from your mobile device. The latest mobile upgrades are detailed in the News section of the site.
How much do your APIs cost?

Pricing of our financial market data and compliance data APIs differ according to business requirements such as the volume of data. If you are interested to learn more about our market or risk intelligence data, get in touch with our sales team at
What are your data sources?

Our data is sourced from world leading providers in the industry and is constantly being updated. To learn more, contact our sales team at
Do you have more APIs?

We are developing more APIs so you can continue to benefit from Biz4x's capabilities even while maintaining your own systems and workflows. For the latest product news, do check back in on our News section regularly.
Do you offer documentation and support for API integration?

Absolutely. We provide both technical support and documentation during the integration process for all customers.
Biz4x is used by businesses in more than 30 different countries across a number of industries

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