Money changers today face new and complex compliance challenges that are compounded by increasingly strict regulations and legislations that have come about due to rising terrorist threats and money laundering. In light of this demanding landscape, 4xLabs has put together a white paper that highlights the main compliance and formal regulatory guidelines that money changers should be aware of, with regards to the 8 countries featured in the paper. 4xLabs is offering this report completely free so money changers can develop a better understanding of the relevant regional issues that affect their business compliance and understand how a professional money changer software can help in navigating the tricky legal terrain of anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorists.

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The Changing Compliance Landscape for Money Changers

An Overview in 8 Jurisdictions

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Overview
    • FATF
    • Main Laws Governing Compliance for Money Changers
    • Tracking Official Designations
    • Triggering Amount For Record Keeping
    • Guidelines For Identifying Risk
    • Highlights of Each Jurisdiction
  3. 1. Indonesia
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • Indonesian Law Highlights
  4. 2. Thailand
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • Thailand Law Highlights
  5. 3. Malaysia
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • Malaysia Law Highlights
  1. 4. India
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • Indian Law Highlights
  2. 5. Singapore
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • Singapore Law Highlights
  3. 6. Australia
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • Australian Law Highlights
  4. 7. Hong Kong
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • Hong Kong Law Highlights
  5. 8. New Zealand
    • Current Compliance Landscape
    • New Zealand Law Highlights
  6. Conclusion