Showcase Your Brand with an Online-to-Offline Cross-Channel Strategy

Promote your Buy and Sell rates to local and international customers with physical and digital rate boards.

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Build Your Brand Visibility with Convenient Cross-Channel Management of Rates Across Multiple Platforms

Biz4x provides a unique opportunity for money services businesses to increase revenue - without relying on walk-in traffic. Once you've set up your rates on Biz4x, they can be displayed on currency exchange rate display boards at your storefront, or as digital rate boards on an online directory that helps money services businesses promote their Buy and Sell rates - Get4x.

Digital Storefront is specially designed for:
Gain Customers
As an online service for price discovery, Get4x connects money services businesses to new revenue opportunities by helping consumers locate the nearest money changers and the best rates in different cities.
Greater Convenience
Input Buy and Sell rates into a single exchange rate board software that distributes data across multiple currency exchange rate board display directories for maximum impact and reach.
Cross-Platform Access
Manage digital rate boards across multiple outlets and accept online bookings for Buy and Sell rates from your device of choice on a money exchange app.


Conveniently Update Your Board Rates with Ease

Ensure your latest rates are always on display with a quick and convenient way to update all rate board displays based on a predefined default profit margin for your buy and sell rates.


Promote Your Currency Exchange Business Online

Manage your business profile on Get4x by editing key business information like address and opening hours, or upload images of your storefront to increase your business visibility.


Receive Currency Booking Requests on Buy and Sell Rates

Showcase your business online and accept currency bookings on Buy and Sell rates that you post on Get4x and exchange rate display boards from customers all around the world.


Create Unique Rate Board Displays

Upload a business logo, and choose between different fonts, colours and styles to create your own distinct and unique exchange rate display boards. Each rate board template can be linked to different currency exchange retail outlets.

Publish Your Rate Board on Your Website

Display your customised digital rate boards on your own website or share them across social media to reach a new generation of customers.

Showcase Your Buy and Sell Rates to Global Travel Communities

Choose to display your buy and sell rates on our partner sites to expand your business reach, enter new markets and access international customers.


Access New Revenue Streams

Receive unique business opportunities through our network of partners to cross-sell travel-related products and services customers are interested in.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I list my business and board rates on Get4x?

Get4x serves as an additional channel for customers to discover your business and make online currency bookings with your business. It acts as a digital storefront to differentiate and promote your currency exchange services to a new generation of customers that conduct research online before making a purchase.
How do I list my business on Get4x?

A Biz4x account allows you to manage your business listings on Get4x. Once you have registered your business details on Biz4x, you will be able to set and manage your rate boards, as well as accept currency bookings on the web and on mobile.
What system requirements are needed for the digital rate board?

Rate board display templates are integrated into the Biz4x system, hence a complicated set-up or separate system is not required. To display an exchange rate display board at a physical retail outlet, money services businesses simply require an additional monitor to showcase their Buy and Sell rates.
Can I create a different set of rates for the rate board display of each branch outlet?

Absolutely. Each retail branch of a money services business might want to buy and sell a distinct set of currencies at different rates, so businesses are able to create unique currency rate display boards and link them to different retail outlets as required.
What is the Biz4x partner network?

Biz4x establishes partnerships with various companies and platforms in the travel and financial sector to provide you with additional benefits for being part of the Biz4x community. Perks include access to third-party products and services that you can cross-sell, as well as the ability to list your board rates on similar online directories for money services businesses around the world.
Biz4x is used by businesses in more than 30 different countries across a number of industries

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