Biz4x Release Version 1.11: Improve customer record keeping and the formatting of receipts

4xLabs - 15/09/2017

1. Customer Travel Information

Biz4x now allows you to record even more information about your customers when they exchange currencies with your business. Add details about their travel in new fields such as:

  • - Country of destination
  • - Travel dates (From - To)
  • - Purpose of travel
  • - Flight number

In certain countries where travellers have to declare the amount of currency that they bring into or out of the country, having a printed receipt with this information would both be required and useful.

At the moment, this is a feature that is specific only to currency exchanges in Madagascar, but we will soon make this option available to Biz4x customers from all over the world, so keep an eye out for this upgrade!

Customer Travel Information

2. Receipt Layout

When it comes to transaction receipts, we have improved the quality of the print. On a busy day, you may end up printing hundreds of transactions a day, hence any wasted white space on a receipt can incur costs, as you might end up ordering more rolls of thermal receipt paper. As you can see, the new and improved layout is optimised for print to reduce unnecessary space.

Previous receipt layout
Previous receipt layout
New receipt layout
New receipt layout

We hope you find these improvements to Biz4x useful and as always do let us know if you have any feedback about the latest release at