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02 October 2017

Biz4x Release Version 1.12: Filter your Reports and Customise Rate Boards for Your Business

Business Management Reports

1. Submit a Request for a Specific Regulatory Report

Looking for a regulatory report that has yet to be provided through the Biz4x platform? Email requests for such reports, that are required by the authorities where your currency exchange business is located, to us at . In the near future, you might just see it in our growing database of reporting standards. Simply attach a sample of the report, list the details that are required, and let us know what format (excel, csv, pdf) these reports need to be submitted in. While we don't guarantee the implementation of all submitted reports immediately, we'll certainly factor and prioritise these during our product development, especially if we receive a large number of requests for a specific report. Thus far, we've made it quick and easy to generate such regulatory reports if your money exchange operations are based in Malaysia and Singapore. Eventually, our goal is to facilitate the creation and submission of such regulatory reports by our customers, across the globe, no matter where their currency exchange operations are located.

2. Export the New MSB02 Regulatory Report

Money service businesses in Malaysia will be pleased to hear that our team has added yet another regulatory report that is required by the Malaysian regulatory authorities to the list of reports that can be generated through Biz4x. Version 1.12 of Biz4x allows you to create and export the new MSB02 report, in addition to the MSB03 and MSB4A reports that were already available through the platform. The MSB02 report provides a monthly statistical breakdown of transactions that consists of the following information:

  • - Transaction type: Buy / Sell
  • - Reporting outlet ID
  • - Currency code
  • - Customer type
  • - Nationality
  • - Volume (number of transactions made in that particular currency)
  • - Foreign currency amount
  • - Local currency amount
Export the New MSB02 Regulatory Report

We'll continue to add more regulatory reports to the list based on your requests and feedback so do continue to send in those sample reports and templates for our review.

3. Search Filter for Reports

The reports that are continually being added to Biz4x with each release come under two categories: Management and Regulatory. To declutter the dashboard and optimise user experience, we've made it possible to filter the reports you wish to see. Choose to view: (i) All reports, (ii) only Management reports or (iii) only regulatory reports. You can filter report generation options, as well as all historical reports that have been generated in the past.

Search Filter for Reports

4. Rate Board

Biz4x now allows you to upload your business logo to our rate board template, so you can customise and display your unique business rate board on a physical screen.

Rate Board

We've also made it easier to arrange your list of currencies on the rate board, by allowing you to drag and drop the currencies to reorder them under rate board settings.

Rate Board

Try out the latest improvements to Biz4x and let us know your thoughts! As always, we welcome any feedback from our users. Simply drop us a note at

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