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03 August 2018

Biz4x Release 2.7: Performance Improvement

Another week, and another Biz4x release!

This week, it's all about speed and performance. In the last two years, the development team has been busy adding many new modules and features to Biz4x, which has led to the application loading and running a bit slower than when we first launched. Some of you may have noticed and mentioned it - we've noted and taken action. Behind the scenes, our team has been tinkering with the app and are now proud to unveil version 2.7 of Biz4x!

Today, starting from your log-in screen, you'll notice a significant increase in speed and improved performance across the entire Biz4x application. It's just all around faster - loading at almost four times the previous speed (although mileage may vary based on your computer specifications).

On the Customer screen, we've added an additional option of "None" for document type when no identification documents have been provided.

'None' for document type

We've also been fixing a number of bugs on the back-end with regard to:

- MSB04 report

- Group creation

- Stock

- Rates

Have a whirl and let us know your thoughts on Biz4x's improved performance at!

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