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How do I report a problem with Biz4x?


At times, you may find that Biz4x is not working as it should. If you have already tried troubleshooting Biz4x and believe that there is a valid issue with the system, please write in to your account manager or with the following details:

  • Screenshots of the issue

  • Screencast of the issue

  • Browser and version in use

Providing screenshots of the issue experienced when in debugging mode on your browser can also help our team to identify any potential issues.

On Chrome and Edge: Ctrl + Shift + J

On Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + K

The above key combinations described may differ according to the browser or operating system that is in use. Do also ensure that you are not experiencing an internet connection issue at the time of use as these may cause certain system errors in Biz4x.

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