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How do I create a customer group?


Create a new customer group by navigating to Business Management > Customers > Customer groups on the main menu. There you will see a tab for two different types of customer groups: Built-in groups and Custom groups.

Create Custom Group button

Built-in groups are default customer groups that are built into the system. They consist of the usual customer categories that money service businesses conduct business with such as:

  • Individuals - Often walk-in customers
  • Licensed Money Changer - Licensed money changers or peers that you might buy and sell banknotes from
  • Bank - Financial institutions where you might get your supply of currencies
  • Corporate - Corporate customers that might exchange currencies in bulk
  • Behalf - Individuals who might exchange currencies on someone else's behalf
  • Licensed Wholesaler - A supplier of banknotes that does only wholesale trading
  • Wholesaler & Licensed Money Changer - A supplier of banknotes that does wholesale trading, as well as currency exchange

While the groups above cover most customer categories, you can also create custom groups for your own convenience. Some reasons you might wish to do so is to identify whitelisted regular customers, greylisted customers, or even blacklisted customers. Custom groups provide you with the flexibility to categorise customers as you please. They can be linked to or sub-categorised under a parent built-in group.

Create Custom Group menu

Switch to the Custom groups tab to review the list of groups you have created, together with their associated parent group and date of creation. You can edit group names or delete any group you have created on this screen.

Custom Group list
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