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How do I accept and manage customer bookings from Get4x?


Bookings are a part of the Digital Storefront module, and incoming customer bookings mean that you have received requests from customers to book currency at the Buy or Sell Rate you had earlier specified. Speak with your account manager to ensure that your business is listed on Get4x so it can receive bookings. You will have to provide details like the full address, opening hours and outlet pictures. Once this is set-up, ensure that your rates are listed online. You will only receive bookings if you had earlier enabled the options to have your Buy and Sell Rates displayed on Get4x or other partner websites. Customers who go to these sites can thus book your offered Buy or Sell rate.

Once you have accepted their booking, you will have to lock in that rate for them for two hours. Customers who book a rate with your business, will show up with their Get4x booking ID within that time frame. You will be provided with customer contact information such as their email and mobile number after a booking has been accepted. Once the transaction has been completed, you can mark the status as complete.

Either party may also request for a cancellation, however a reason for the cancellation must be given. Other status include New, Approved, Completed and Rejected, which you can manually change depending on the actual status of a booking.

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