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How do I manage my rates on Get4x?


Rates on Get4x can be managed through the Rates section on the dashboard, by going to Rates > Your Rates, or Digital Storefront > Rates.

You can activate all the rates that have been set up through the green On icon, or deactivate them all with the red Off icon. Activating the rates means that they are live on Get4x, while deactivating them means that the system will default to indicative rates, which provide customers a gauge of your actual Buy and Sell rates. The grey D icon will update all your rates according to the preset default profit margin. The default profit margin can be configured by selecting the settings icon and reviewing your options under the rate validation section.

You can manually update the rates, by entering or editing the Buy and Sell rate for different currencies individually. You can also choose to only activate specific currencies through the corresponding rectangular green ON icon.

Delete icons through the red bin icon, or update their default profit margins through the gear icon.

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