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How do I configure my Outgoing Settings?


Configuring your Outgoing Settings allows you to quickly and easily create and send RFQs with a pre-selected set of criteria. In this screen, you will be able to:


Choose whether or not to disclose your identity. Request for trading partners to reveal their identity when they send a quote


Decide how long your RFQ will be valid for from a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes.


Select your preferred choice of Exchange Terms, that is whether payment is settled at the same time as when the currency is delivered. Select your Payment Terms, whether it is in cash or through bank transfer. Select your Delivery Terms, whether you or your trading partner delivers


Include and exclude specific groups of money services businesses from quoting on your RFQ

Once you have saved these settings, all outgoing RFQs will default to these selection criteria. However, you will be able to edit these settings from the Create RFQ screen.

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